Who is Sanity?

Born and raised in Ghent, Belgium, "Sanity" discovered his passion for music while pursuing architecture. Though initially a casual interest, everything changed when he joined Sub Motionz agency, propelling his musical journey.

Using music to combat boredom during a break from the rave scene, Sanity explored drum and bass, creating a unique niche. Drawing inspiration from various genres, his unconventional approach to jump-up sets him apart. Each track defies repetition, pushing boundaries and resonating with enthusiasts.

His architectural background influences his attention to detail, but it's his relentless pursuit of sonic innovation that distinguishes him.

Sanity's releases continually explore uncharted territories in drum and bass, attracting a dedicated following eagerly anticipating his next experiment. With Sub Motionz and his pursuit of musical perfection, Sanity will reach new heights. His unique sound and boundless imagination leave an indelible mark on the genre, redefining the drum and bass experience. Prepare for a captivating world where unconventional beats reign and boundaries are shattered with each release.

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