Who is hydro?

HYDRØ is a jump-up DJ/producer hailing from the sunny coast of Almería, Spain. Since a young age, HYDRØ has been drawn to the explosive energy of bass-heavy music, and has since made it his mission to bring that same energy to audiences across the globe.

With a signature sound that's a unique blend of bass and melodies, HYDRØ has quickly become a household name in the jump-up scene. His tracks have been championed by industry heavyweights such as Hedex, BLVCK CROWZ, Matzet, and many others.

But HYDRØ's talents extend beyond the studio. As a skilled DJ, he knows how to read a crowd and keep the energy levels high throughout his sets. Whether he's playing to a packed festival crowd or an intimate club, HYDRØ's infectious energy and impeccable mixing skills always leave the audience wanting more.

Despite his young age, HYDRØ has already made a huge impact on the jump-up scene, and there's no doubt that he's destined for even greater things in the future. With his finger on the pulse of bass music and a tireless work ethic, HYDRØ is a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music.

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